Here is a link to the shared page. Mostly this is basic vocabulary and roots, as of now. As I explain below, I do not think that attempting to memorize these roots without any background would be fruitful, but that is your own call and maybe your experience will differ from mine. Major sources:

  • Epilepsy Action’s First Aid for Seizures, link.
  • Beverley Clarke’s “On Suffering”, amazon.
  • Wikipedia’s list of medical roots, prefixes, and suffixes, and Ed Friedlander’s list of medical roots. Under the “VOCB” tag. This was a failed experiment; I still thinking learning roots is useful, but I now think that learning what roots mean through induction rather than ex cathedra is more efficient. 
  • Wikipedia’s page on bloodletting, and related articles on medical history. Under the “HIST” tag.
  • A few paintings related to medical history, e.g. the Gross Clinic. Under the “ARTS” tag.